RGL-GEORISK aims at re-enforcing the capacity of local universities and scientific institutions (target groups) for teaching, research, and monitoring in the domain of the geological risks. The objective is to train specialists and produce scientific information’s necessary for raising the awareness, advice and help the local authorities to allow them to take into account these factors in their regional development policy, to the benefit of the population. About 20 scientists received theoretical and practical training in scientific research in the domains of the georisks. The installation three new observation stations (seismic, GPS and weather) was accomplished, in order to improve the capacity of the five partner institutions for the observation and investigation of the georisks.

The project started in 2013 and lasted 3 years. RGL-GEORISK is a project of the Frame Agreement RMCA-DGD programme, funded by the Development Cooperation of the Belgian Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs (DGD).